A decision was issued to change the name of the Bachelor’s program in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
07 Apr 2024

The Higher Education Council decided to approve changing the name of the ​​bachelor’s program in veterinary medicine and surgery to become a do​​ctor in veterinary medicine, starting from the first semester of the academic year 2024/2025.

​​​​​​Professor Dr. Sameeh Abu Tarboush, Dean of the faculty , explained the importance of changing the name for several reasons, the most important of which is in keeping with the prestigious

faculties of veterinary medicine in American, Canadian, European and Australian universities, increasing the hours of practical training, as the final year of the program will be dedicated to this purpose in the new veterinary medicine teaching hospital.​

In order to reflect the theoretical and applied scientific content during practical training in the new veterinary teaching hospital, it will have an impact on the ability of college graduates to enroll in graduate programs and higher specialization in the basic and clinical fields of veterinary medicine in developed countries. Dr. Abu Tarbush also stated that work is underway to change the number of years in the study plan to become six years instead of five years to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.​​