20 Mar 2018
"College of Pharmacy conducts a free medical day in Waqqas"

The College of Pharmacy, represented by the campaign "PharmD towards optimal pharmaceutical care", conducted in cooperation with Takhaful center, Leena nutrition center and a number of physicians from the ministry of health and private sector a free medical day in the town of Waqqas. The activity was held in Waqqas high school to serve the local people.

The activities of the medical day included several educational stations about common diseases and health problems among Jordanian people, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and osteoporosis.

Free blood glucose level and blood pressure were measured for the publics. Specialized physicians examined the patients and appropriate free-of-charge medications were dispensed. The number of beneficiaries of the free medical day was about 550.

Waqqas high school administration has appreciated the efforts of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the PharmD campaign for their efforts and their effective role in serving the members of the Jordanian community through the establishment of many free medical days and educational activities that enhance the level of health and medical education for Jordanian people.