The International Conference on Information and Communications Systems (ICICS) 2023 at Jordan University of Science and Technology
23 Nov 2023

On Tuesday, November 21, the Fourteenth International Conference on Information and Communication Systems and Technology (ICICS) 2023 was launched at Jordan University of Science and Technology, which was organized by the College of Computer and Information Technology with the participation of a group of scientists, engineers and researchers in specialized fields of computer science and information technology.

The conference, which lasted for three days, discussed many distinguished researchers specialized in multiple fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, big data, health informatics, natural language processing, and its applications, in addition to information security and privacy, digital forensics, and software engineering.

The Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, Dr. Mounir Bani Yassin, said during his sponsorship of the opening activities that the conference highlights the importance of keeping up with digital and technological progress and its role in finding solutions to many societal challenges that we deal with on a daily basis.

  Bani Yassin pointed out that the information and communications technology on which these technologies are based, and the massive data that follows, can support smart systems that would contribute to confronting climate challenges, adding that all the scientific research submitted, amounting to 99, had been evaluated by (29) Arab and foreign countries.​