Employment Oppurtunity
15 Jul 2018

Dear Students " who have graduated or about to graduate" and are interested in this opportunity, please forward your CVs to: and

Candidates Requirements And Training:

Bellow is a list of Technical Knowledge Skill needed from the candidates:
• Software Analysis (general requirements gathering, processes, Graphical User Interface, documents, user roles, …)
• Development Using JAVA.
• Hardware/Software/Integration/security architecture best practice.
• Natural Language Processing principles.
• Documentation creation (user, admin, testing).
• Testing methodology.
• Ability to do Training (user).
• Microsoft SQL Reporting services.
• Knowledge of Apache Hadoop.
• Knowledge of Data Science and big data.
The selected person will undergo a training of 2-3 months both face to face and self-led training on the bellow technologies:
1- IBM Filenet, IBM Case Manager and IBM Datacap.
2- Data Science and Big Data using IBM Hortonworks.
A Contract for a period of 3 years will be signed with the selected candidates.

- Each candidate to have his/her CV ready highlighting their technical abilities in relation to the required skill set.
- there will be an aptitude test that will take from 60 to 75 min for the candidates & personal interviews .
- The total number required for employment is around 11.