Jordan University of Science and Technology Organizes Awareness Event Entitled “Protecting Children and Youth from the Interference of Tobacco Companies”
29 May 2024

​ As part of the university’s ongoing efforts to promote positive health practices within both the university and the local community, and to encourage students to adopt healthy habits, the Jordan University of Science and Technology organized an awareness event today, Wednesday, coinciding with World No Tobacco Day. The event was entitled “Protecting Children and Youth from the Interference of Tobacco Companies” and was conducted under the JUST HEALTH initiative with the slogan “Tobacco-Free University.” 

The event aimed to raise awareness among the university community about the dangers of smoking and the tactics used by tobacco companies to target young people. It aligns with the vision of economic modernization, which includes health in the second axis related to future services and the eighth axis related to quality of life. The university believes that enhancing students’ awareness is integral to health and well-being, encompassing physical, psychological, and social dimensions. The speakers outlined the objectives of the “Tobacco-Free University” initiative and the corresponding executive plan, which features numerous activities targeting both the university and local communities. These activities include designing an awareness campaign to promote smoking cessation, garnering support for the Public Health Law and advocating for its enforcement, and distributing informative brochures and posters. 

The speakers emphasized the need for collective efforts to achieve smoke-free universities to safeguard the health of our children. The lecturers highlighted the pioneering role of the Jordan University of Science and Technology in establishing the smoking cessation clinic and the Tobacco-Free University initiative. They underscored the importance of activating partnerships among all relevant parties and raising awareness about the public health law that prohibits smoking in public and enclosed spaces. The event featured an awareness exhibition showcasing information and scientific facts about the harms of smoking and its detrimental impact on the health of children and youth. The exhibition also presented data and statistics on the methods used by tobacco companies to attract young consumers and emphasized the importance of awareness and education in reducing the prevalence of smoking in society. 

The event was attended by several college deans, members of the teaching and administrative staff, and students. ​