Euro-Mediterranean Network Facilitating Market Uptake of Innovations from SME
27 Sep 2021

Euro-Mediterranean Network Facilitating Market Uptake of Innovations from SME

Project Acronym: EMPHASIS

Number of Reference: C_A.2.2_0022

Budget € 818.689,39

ENI contribution amount € 736.820,45

General objective:

  • EMPHASIS aims at integrating experiences to deploy an open innovation system that supports SMEs to exploit sustainability business opportunities through external cross-border partnerships at EUROMED


Specific objective(s)

  • Design & setup of an Open Innovation Network, offering integrated innovation support services, validating OI Opportunities & fostering crossborder partnerships that will enhance uptake of external knowledge that can turn sustainability priorities into tangible business opportunities for growth
  • Increase capacities of SMEs to innovate and their readiness to engage with Innovation Partners by building cross-border partnerships (OI projects) with external entities and turning external knowledge into new products, services and business opportunities.
  • Validate the EMPHASIS Open Innovation approach and engage policy makers and stakeholders contributing to its mainstreaming. Disseminate the results across the institutional network and support building a vibrant community of OI actors that stimulate cross-border innovation with sustainability focus.



  • Knowledge and Innovation Consultants Symvouleftiki Monoprosopi Epe - KiNNO (Lead Beneficiary)
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology-JUST
  • Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry – ASCAME
  • Industrial Research Institute –IRI
  • Confederation of Egyptian European Business Association- CEEBA
  • Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico Della Sicilia – PSTS