A Workshop entitled "How to Obtain External Research Funding"
07 Nov 2017

Deputizing  the President of JUST, Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah, the Vice President, Prof. Sarhan Haddad patronized  the opening ceremony of the  workshop titled "How to Obtain External Research  Funding" organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University.

During the opening ceremony, Dean of Scientific Research Prof. Ghassan Tashtoosh delivered a speech in which he welcomed the distinguished guests  and the participating faculty members, stressing that holding such  workshops is a fundamental part of JUST  strategic research plan which aims at  introducing internal and external grant opportunities to assist  faculty members to find funding for research and other creative projects .

A  number of topics on  external research funding opportunities were presented by the participating  experts  which aim  at   identifying possible funding  sources and the processes  for submitting and evaluating research proposals for internal and external funding agencies.

Prof. Abeer Al-Bawab, Director General of the Scientific Research Support Fund (SRSF) of Jordan, Prof. Khalid Gharaibeh, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Yarmouk University, Prof. Fahmi Abu-Rab, Coordinator of UE  Erasmus + Project, and Prof. Mohammed Nazzal, a European projects expert gave   presentations in this workshop.

At the end of the workshop, Prof. Ghassan Tashtoush handed the shields  to the participants  in recognition for  their efforts in increasing the knowledge of faculty members about obtaining research funding.