Dean's Meeting with 5th Year Dental Students and Dental Interns
27 Dec 2023

In an effort to stay closely connected with its students, Prof. Rola Al-Habashneh, the Dean of the College of Dentistry at JUST, held a meeting with dental interns and fifth-year undergraduate dental students, who are slated to graduate this academic year. The meeting, which was attended by deputy deans and department heads, showcased the college's commitment to student engagement and covered a range of topics. These included constructive feedback on the curriculum, evaluating students' advancements in clinical training, and pursuing postgraduate studies in accredited programs in Europe, North America, Australia & New Zealand. The discussion also emphasized the importance of English language proficiency, recognizing its pivotal role as a universal requirement for acceptance into dental specialization training programs globally.


During the meeting, the Scientific Research Exchange Program between the College of Dentistry at JUST and the University of Melbourne was spotlighted. This program provides students with an exceptional opportunity to engage in scientific research at the University of Melbourne for a duration of 3 to 12 months. Students were highly encouraged to take an active role in the college's regular research symposiums, in order to improve their research abilities and enhance their prospects of being accepted into postgraduate programs.