Research Interests

The relationship between stress, resilience and job performance among nurses in Jordan. (2022)
Wafa''A Falah Ta''An
The effect of mindfulness meditation intervention on behavioral and psychological variables among Jordanian nurses: randomized control trial study (2022)
Mohammed Munther Al-Hammouri, Jehad Abd Alkader Rababah
The relationship between organizational culture, communication skills, and quality of care : a correlational study (2022)
Wafa''A Falah Ta''An
The effectiveness of competency-based infection control training program on the knowledge and competencies of newly hired nurses in COVID-19 field hospitals. (2021)
Wafa''A Falah Ta''An, Ibrahim Ghaleb Al-Faouri, Mohammed Munther Al-Hammouri
The Role of Workplace Violence on Stress and Perceived Social Support among Jordanian Psychiatric Nurses. (2020)