Research Interests

The relationship between stress, resilience and job performance among nurses in Jordan. (2022)
Wafa''A Falah Ta''An
The relationship between organizational culture, communication skills, and quality of care : a correlational study (2022)
Wafa''A Falah Ta''An
The effectiveness of competency-based infection control training program on the knowledge and competencies of newly hired nurses in COVID-19 field hospitals. (2021)
Wafa''A Falah Ta''An, Ibrahim Ghaleb Al-Faouri, Mohammed Munther Al-Hammouri
Psychological Distress, Coping Strategies, and Quality of Life among Nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. (2020)
Wafa''A Falah Ta''An, Diana Ali Jaradat
Acute Stress Disorder, Coping Self-Efficacy, and Subsequent Psychological Distress among Jordanian Physicians and Nurses during Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)