Welcome To Our Department
The competitive field of Design and Visual Communication requires outstanding practitioners who are intellectually curious, inventive, dedicated, critical, collaborative, and proactive life-long learners. Therefore, at JUST, a great devotion has been made to create Design and Visual Communication (DVC) department under the College of Architecture and Design. This particular program was established to address the growing demands for talented designers and innovators who will push the boundaries and challenge the ways of thinking and production. In this program, focus will be directed on developing and enhancing students' ability to integrate excellent command of visual language with conceptual work, theory, and technology. That is, including wide range of professional paths such as animation, multimedia, film making, and visual design.
Meet Our Students
Dana Talib
JUST paved the way to me to become a professional visual designer, specifically in web development and movie making fields.
02 Jun
The graduation jury for Design and Visual Communication Department will be held on Thursday 17/6/2021 through virtual meeting (ZOOM).
23 May
Discussion of the final project for (Visualization and Concept of Storyboarding) in the Design and Visual Communication Department.
14 Jan
Opening of an exhibition for design and visual communication Dept. studenets projects
04 Jul
A training workshop in cooperation with the Excellence Center for Creative Projects entitled "Basic of Branding".
28 May 2021
Rabab Jehad Khasawneh, 23 years old, studied design and visual communication in 2016 and graduated from the University of Science and Technology of Jordan in 20202021- and now works as a designer for O’minus. My education at the university gave me knowledge of design and the use of a variety of programs and concepts to make a work of art and that working and integrating out in the labor market has enhanced my communication skills, so I can provide positive criticism that helps the other and does not reduce his work. I now understand very well the impact that any artwork can have on society as a whole or on markets and sales. It's the details that make each work a painting itself.