Taroob Al-Lataifeh received her B.Sc. degree in nursing from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan in 1998 and High Diploma in midwifery from Mutah University, Jordan in 2004. And M.Sc. in Midwifery from Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom in 2006. In addition, Mrs. Al_Lataifeh received her education and training in simulation design and practice in the University of Texas at Arlington at College of nursing & health innovation, In United States of America in 2015. She received the technical classification as a midwifery consultant, from the Jordanian Nursing Council, in Jordan in 2019. She is currently a fulltime lecturer and simulation instructor and facilitator at Maternal child health department and Midwifery department in Jordan University of Science and Technology from 2006 till now. Taroob worked as clinical trainer in faculty of nursing from 1999 to 2005.