Radio Wave Propagation & Antennas


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Radio Wave Propagation

(3𢠥)3 credits

      Antenna principles and types, Antenna parameters (gain, beamwidth, aperture, impedance, polarization), Ideal and practical dipoles, Free space propagation: Friis transmission formula and radar equation, Flat earth radiowave propagation, and knife-edge diffraction, Biological effects of radiation and RF exposure standards, Earth-orbiting satellite propagation, Urban propagation, Noise in communication systems. 

Pre-requisites: EE307 Electromagnetic II



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Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al Salameh


Course Objectives

  1. Analysis and understanding of basic antenna types

  2. Understanding biological effects of radiation


  1. Analysis and design of satellite and urban propagation


  1. Analysis and design of communication systems including noise effects


Pre-Requisites by Topic

1. Basic electromagnetic concepts, Plane electromagnetic waves, and Transmission lines




 1 Hour


Radio-frequency spectrum and its uses in communications

 1.5 Hour


Antenna principle and types

 1.5 Hours


Antenna parameters

 8 Hours


Friis transmission formula and radar equation

 4 Hours


Propagation over flat earth

 3 Hours


Effects of diffraction on wave propagation

 2 Hours


Biological effects of radiation and RF exposure standards

5 Hours


Propagation of radiowaves for communications using earth-orbiting satellites

4 Hours


Propagation in urban and sub-urban areas

5 Hours


Noise in communications systems

 6 Hours


Computer Usage



Estimated Content

Engineering Science

2.0 Credits

Engineering Design

1.0 Credits