First Exam, EE508: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Summer 2009 Prof. Mohammed S. Al Salameh

In your solution, suitable unit should be written for each quantity. If two different answers are given for the same problem, zero grade will be assigned to that problem.

Prob. 1: (10 points)

A current wave on a land of a printed circuit board is described by: i= 500 cos(4
p109 t-2p50z) A. Determine the velocity of propagation in m/s and the wavelength in m. If the current wave travels a distance of 500 mils on the PCB land, convert this distance to meters and determine the time delay in s and the phase shift in degrees.

Prob. 2: (15 points)

A 50
W source is attached to a 50-W receiver with 150 ft of RG58U coaxial cable (4 dB/100 ft loss at 200 MHz) as shown in the figure below. The source is tuned to 200 MHz and the meter indicates that the output is 26 dBm. Determine the voltage at the receiver input in dBV. If the voltage at the output terminals of the source is measured and found to be 25 mV, determine the power at the input to the receiver in dBm. If the received power at the terminals of the receiver is measured and found to be 37 dBm, determine the voltage at the output terminals of the source in dBV and in mV.