EE 703: Electromagnetic Compatibility


Fall 2018

Prof. Mohammed S. Al Salameh

Course Contents:
- Interference phenomena
- Noise sources
- Noise reduction techniques
- Shielding
- Grounding
- Interference filters

Henry W. Ott, "Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems," John Wiley


- M. S. H. Al Salameh, "Waves and Fields of Wireless Communications and Electricity: Health- Effects        and  Unconventional Utilizations," Lap Publishing,   Printed in USA and in the UK

- IEEE Transactions on EMC
- Mardiguian, M., Controlling Radiated Emission by Design, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

- Terrell, D. L. and Keenan, R. K., Digital Design for Interference Specifications, TKC-The Keenan  Corporation.

- Montrose, M. I., EMC and the Printed Circuit Board, Design Theory, and Layout Made Simple, IEEE Press.

- Mardiguian, M., Electrostatic Discharge, Understand, Simulate and Fix ESD Problems, Interference  Control Technology.

- Block, R. R., The Grounds for Lightning & EMP Protection, PolyPhaser Corporation

- Anatoly Tsaliovich, Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook for Wired and Wireless EMC Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers

- D. A. Weston, Electromagnetic Compatibility: Principles and Applications, Marcel Dekker

- Frederick M. Tesche, Michel V. Ianoz and Torbjorn Karlsson, EMC Analysis Methods and Computational models, John Wiley, N.Y.



                           I.          Mid exam                    30%,   

                         II.          Project and Presentation      20%,  High grades will only be granted for distinguished work

                       III.          Final exam                   50%

                      IV.          Total                           100%

Announcements and questions:
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    1. Choose recent paper(s) (2014-2018) that should be approved in advance by Prof. Al Salameh

    2. Analyze the principal ideas and mathematics in the paper and prepare necessary computer programs

    3. Highlight the sentences in the paper that show the validity of your report ideas

    4. Submit a report and present your project in the class in 20 minutes