Jordan University of Science and Technology†††† Department of Electrical Engineering
Fall 2018

Course Name : Electromagnetics I ( EE 207)
Prof. Mohammed S. Al Salameh

Text Book :
M. Sadiku, "Elements of Electromagnetics," Oxford Univ. Press

Course contents

1. Review of necessary mathematical concepts: Gradient, Line integral, Divergence, Curl, Divergence theorem, and Stokesí theorem.

2. The Static electric field, Coulombís law, Electric flux density, Gaussís law, Electrostatic energy, Capacitance calculations, and Resistance calculations

4. Solutions of Poissonís and Laplaceís equations

5. Static magnetic fields, Biot Savartís law, Ampereís law, and Inductance calculations

6. Faradayís law and applications

Grade Distribution:

First Midterm Exam 25%

Second Midterm Exam 25%

Homeworks, Quizzes, Projects, Öetc. 10%

Final Exam 40%


Project: Choose a topic from the contents above, prepare computer programs or do an experiment to obtain results and verify the concept, submit one page report summarizing the main idea, results, and conclusions, in addition to appendix if necessary, and finally present your findings within 5 minutes in the class.

1. M. Iskandar, "Electromagnetic fields and Waves," Prentice-Hall
2. C. Jonk, "Engineering Electromagnetic Fields and Waves," John-Wiley
3. K. Siwiak, "Radiowave Propagation and Antennas for Personal Communications," Artech House
4. A. Fuller, "Engineering Electromagnetism," John-Wiley.
5. S. Liao, "Engineering Applications of Electromagnetic Theory," St. Paul West Publishing Company
S. Marshall and G. Skitek, "Electromagnetic Concepts and Applications," Prentice-Hall
7. H. Chen, "Theory of Electromagnetic Waves: a Coordinate-Free Approach," McGraw-Hill
8. Donald E. Kerr, "Propagation of Short Radiowaves,"
L. Felsen, "Radiation and Scattering of Waves," IEEE Press.
10. J. C. Whitaker, "Radio Frequency Transmission Systems: Design and Operation," McGraw-Hill
11. J. Kraus, "Electromagnetics"
12. C. Paul and S. Nasar, "Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields," John-Wiley
13. Any book on basic electromagnetics available to you would be useful for this course.

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