EE700: Antennas and Radiowave Propagation

Fall 2012


Professor Mohammed S. Al Salameh


Textbook: S. R. Saunders and A. Aragon-Zavala, “Antennas and propagation for wireless communication systems,” John-Wiley, London, England.


Topics to be covered:

  1. Wireless communication channel
  2. Overview of plane electromagnetic waves
  3. Antennas for wireless systems
  4. Propagation mechanisms and models for various environments
  5. Satellite and Terrestrial fixed links
  6. Megacells, macrocells, microcells, and picocells
  7. Fading, shadowing and diversity



  1. Mid exam                    30%, Tues. 13 Nov. 2012  
  2. Project                        20%,   
  3. Final exam                   50%
  4. Total                           100%



  1. M. S. Al Salameh, "Waves and Fields of Wireless Communications and Electricity: Health-Effects and Unconventional Utilizations," lap- publishing, Printed in USA and in UK.
  2. J. Doble, “Introduction to radio propagation for fixed and mobile communications,” Artech House.
  3. H. Arai, “Measurement of mobile antenna systems,” Artech House.
  4. K. Siwiak, “Radiowave propagation and antennas for personal communications,” Artech House.
  5. R. Vaughan, “Channels, propagation and antennas for mobile communications,” IEE electromagnetic Waves Series.
  6. M. P. M. Hall, “Radiowave propagation,” IEEE electromagnetic Waves Series.
  7. R. Janaswamy, “Radiowave propagation and smart antennas for wireless communications,” Kluwer Academic.

Announcements and questions:
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Project Details

    1. Choose a recent paper (2008-2012) that should be approved in advance by Prof. Al Salameh,

    2. Analyse the principal ideas and mathematics in the paper and write and execute necessary computer programs.

    3. Highlight the sentences in the paper that show the validity of your report ideas.

    4. Submit a report and present your project in the class in 30 minutes.

    5. Presentations will start on Tues. 27 Nov. 2012, according to university ID number; former students come first..

    6. Exceeding the deadline results in heavy grade penalty