Electromagnetics I


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Electromagnetics I

(3𢠥)3 credits

      Vector analysis. Electrostatic fields. Magnetostatic fields. Solution of Laplace抯 and Poisson抯 equations. Faraday抯 law and applications. 

Pre-requisites: Phys 103, Math 201 and Math 203



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2. C. Jonk, "Engineering Electromagnetic Fields and Waves," John-Wiley
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5. S. Liao, "Engineering Applications of Electromagnetic Theory," St. Paul West Publishing Company



Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al Salameh


Course Objectives

  1. To Understand the basic principles of electrostatic fields

  2. To Understand the basic principles of magnetostatic fields


  1. Solve differential equations related to static electromagnetics


  1. Apply Faraday抯 law for various applications


Pre-Requisites by Topic

1.Coordinate systems and vector operations, differential equations, Contour integrals, surface and volume integrals, Concept of electric charge, electric field, magnetic field, electric current, capacitance, inductance, resistance, conductance.




1 Hr


Vector analysis, orthogonal coordinate systems 4 Hrs


The Static electric field, Coulomb抯 law, electric flux density, Gauss抯 law, electrostatic energy, capacitance calculations 8 Hrs


Steady electric currents, resistance calculations 4 Hrs


Solutions of electrostatic problems, Poisson抯 and Laplace抯 equations. 6 Hrs


Static magnetic fields, Biot Savart抯 law, Ampere抯 law, scalar and vector magnetic potentials 8 Hrs


Magnetic forces, materials and inductance calculations 5 Hrs


Faraday抯 law and applications 5 Hrs








Computer Usage



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Engineering Science

2.0 Credits

Engineering Design

1.0 Credits