Office Hours 

        EE508: EMC (Undergraduate)

        EE703: Electromagnetic Compatibility (Graduate)

EE789: Special Topics in Wireless Communications (Graduate)

        EE407: Radiowave Propagation & Antennas (Undergraduate)

        EE700: Antennas & Radiowave Propagation (Graduate)

        EE529: Microwave Laboratory (Undergraduate)

        EE213 : Electric Circuits Laboratory (Undergraduate)

        EE207 : Electromagnetics I


Courses and Labs Taught:

Graduate Courses:

Advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Special Topics in Wireless Communications

Antennas and Radiowave Propagation

Electromagnetic Waves and Radiation Systems

Applied Mathematics for Engineers


Undergraduate Courses:

Electromagnetic courses

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Radiowave Propagation and Antennas

Radiowave Propagation

Special topics in Electrical Engineering: Introduction to EMI/EMC

Special topics in Electrical Engineering: Method of Moments (MoM) with Applications to Electromagnetics

Antennas and Arrays

Electromagnetics I

Electromagnetics II

Electronics courses

Electronics I

Electronics II

Digital Electronics

Communication Electronics

Power Electronics

Microwave Electronics

Microwave Electronics Laboratory

Electronics Laboratory I

Electronics Laboratory II

Digital Electronics Laboratory

Communication Electronics Laboratory

Other courses

Numerical Analysis

Linear Algebra

Electric Circuits I

Electric Circuits II

Circuits and Electronics for Non-Electrical Engineers

Probability and Random Variables

Signals and Systems

Measurements and Instrumentation

Introduction to Electrical Engineering (for non-EE students)

Circuits Laboratory

Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory

Analogue Communications Laboratory

Digital Communications Laboratory