Prof. Saleem Bani Hani

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In 1994, Prof. Saleem Ali Banihani completed his high school from Irbid Secondary School and joined the School of Science at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) to study Analytical Chemistry (Medical analytical chemistry) with a full scholarship. During his Bachelor, Prof. Saleem was one of the honored students (name was on the dean list) as of his distinguished academic performance. After graduating from JUST in 1999, Prof. Saleem perused his higher education in the School of Medicine-Department of Medical Technology in the field of Clinical Biochemistry at JUST and earned his master’s degree in 2002. During the master, Prof. Saleem was a full-time lecturer in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine at JUST. Besides, because of his high qualifications and abilities in teaching and research, Prof. Saleem succeeded to occupy the demanded position in Clinical Chemistry at Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences (FAMS)-Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS), which was based on a differential equation between several applicants. In this career, Prof. Saleem demonstrated remarkable teaching and research capabilities that enabled him, with a full-time scholarship, to successfully join the only and the highly competitive program of Clinical Chemistry in the United States, which is a joint program between Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland State University, OH. During the PhD, Prof. Saleem has completed a Research fellowship in Andrology (RFA) from the Reproductive Center at Cleveland Clinic and published several articles in highly reputed international journals as a result of important findings that globally impacted the clinical biochemistry route of Assisted Reproductive Technologies procedures. Also, during his PhD, Prof. Saleem won several awards such as the first oral presentation in international conferences, the best lecturer in the department among the PhD students, the Molecular Medicine award, the Cleveland Clinic foundation appreciation award, and the student life award. In addition to the Clinical Chemistry specialty, as an honored PhD student, Prof. Saleem was also able to acquire a subspecialty in Molecular Medicine and graduated with the highest GPA (3.97) among the PhD graduates.

In 2011, Prof. Saleem joined the Department of MLS at JUST as a faculty member (Assistant Professor). And, since 2012-2018, Prof. Saleem has worked in different administrative positions in the FAMS such as Chairperson of Department of MLS and Vice Dean of FAMS. During this period, intellectually and via collective intelligence, Prof. Saleem has established several teaching and research laboratories, managed the international accreditation in all departments, led the ISO file, developed several academic programs, restructured the public safety in all teaching laboratories of the faculty, served in almost all committees of FAMS and several committees at the level of JUST, directed various committee services programs, launched number of important regulations at the level of both FAMS and JUST, and won the MENA award on behalf of JUST as a distinguished institution. Additionally, Prof. Saleem served in many highly ranked committees in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and chaired the committee that reviewed and developed the manual of quality assurance standards for faculties of Allied Medical Sciences in Jordan.

In 2016, it is worth mentioning that Prof. Saleem has earned a research fellowship in Responsible Conduct of Research from California University-San Diego, USA. Besides, academically, also in 2016, Prof. Saleem promoted (early promotion) to associate professor. In 2019, Prof. Saleem has won the distinguished teacher prize at the level of FAMS. And in the next year, he was promoted to full Professor with seniority, which is the first promotion with seniority in FAMS.

Further, to date, Prof. Saleem has supervised more than 30 master students, and in 2019, he won the prize of being the supervisor of the best master thesis at the level of JUST. In parallel, Prof. Saleem handled numerous local, national, and international grants and published, as yet more than 65 articles in highly reputed Journals, mainly in the fields of andrology and clinical nutrition, then, in 2020, he was recognized as one of the top 2% influential researchers in the world according to the report published by Stanford University.

Furthermore, Prof. Saleem has presented in more than 18 international conferences, invited in some of these conferences as keynote speaker, assigned in the advisory board of international conferences, and chosen as a chairman of important international conferences. On top of that, Prof. Saleem completed more than 23 professional independent courses and workshops and established the Assisted Reproductive Technologies LABs and their related courses at FAMS as well. So far, the published work by Prof. Saleem conquered a very high press international coverage. Currently, Prof. Saleem is serving as an academic editor in the “ “Andrologia” journal, which is one of the leading journals in the field of andrology, a reviewer in more than 22 well-recognized international Journals, and a member in several national and international scientific and social committees.      


Professor Saleem Banihani