Nisrin Rizek Abdelal


Mobile phone: 962778329510

Work phone: 96227201000 – ext 22341

Aeronautical Engineering Department

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)

P.O.Box 3030, Irbid 2110 –Jordan



I am ambitious, highly dedicated, hard-working, responsible individual who is always enthusiastic to try new ideas and adventures. I am always determined to achieve my goals through patience, perseverance and knowledge. I love teaching as well as experimenting to come up with new engineering solutions. 

Education and qualifications

·         2010-2013

University of Dayton – Ohio- USA

PhD in Aerospace Engineering –GPA 3.96/4

Dissertation: Effects of voids on delamination behavior under static and fatigue mode I and mode II

·         2009-2010

Texas A&M University –Texas-USA

MSc in Aerospace Engineering – GPA 3.86/4

Thesis: An experimental study of deformation and fracture of a nanostructured metallic material

·         2000-2005

Jordan University of Science and Technology –Jordan

BSc Mechanical Engineering, GPA 83.1/100 (rank one among the students who graduated at 2005 academic year)

Graduation project: building and programming six-legged robot with ultrasonic navigation

Work Experience

·         July/2013 - present

Faculty member- Aeronautical Engineering Department- Jordan University of science and Technology

·         Jan/2010 - April/2013

Research assistant - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department- University of Dayton

·         Jan/2009 - Dec/2010

Research assistant - Aerospace Engineering Department - Texas A&M

·         July/2005 - Dec/2007  

Lab engineer - strength of materials and metallurgy labs – Mechanical Engineering Department- Jordan University of Science and Technology


Funded Research Projects

Grant #


Funding Institution

Amount of fund $




Improvement of the interlaminar fracture toughness of unidirectional carbon fiber composites + infrastructure for establishing a composite manufacturing and testing lab



3 years



Effects of nanofibers on the mechanical properties of fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites 



2 years



Strengthening epoxy/thermoplastic materials using carbon nanotubes



2 years




Arabic – Native speaker

English – Fluent



·         Certified  to operate FEI Quanta 600 FEG Scanning Electron microscope – certificate issued by the Microscopy and Imaging Center at Texas A&M University

·         Certified  to operate JEOL JSM-6400 Scanning Electron microscope – certificate issued by the Microscopy and Imaging Center at Texas A&M University

·         Qualified to operate Zeiss EVO-50XVP Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)– qualification is admitted by the Nonstructural Materials division at University of Dayton

·         Qualified  to operate universal testing machines: servo hydraulic test machines (MTS) and electromechanical test machines (Instron and Jinan) – qualification is admitted by the Structures and Materials Evaluation Group at University of Dayton, Structural group at Texas A&M University, and the mechanical engineering department at Jordan University of Science and Technology

·         Qualified to manufacture composite materials using several techniques (VARTM, hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, Prepregs, sandwich structures, lamination)

·         Qualified to characterize the behavior of metallic and composite materials on the macro, micro and nanoscale.

·         Ability to use finite element analysis software such as ABAQUS

Fellowships and Awards

·         Jordan University of Science and Technology fellowship to pursue Masters and PhD degrees in Aeronautical Engineering

·         Graduate student summer fellowship- University of Dayton-Ohio-USA-2011 ($2000)

·         Graduate student summer fellowship-University of Dayton-Ohio-USA -2012 ($5000)



Workshops, Conferences and Training Courses

·         Elsevier Core Products Training – JUST- Jordan – 24th of October 2017

·         Quality control and assurance of learning technologies via Erasmus + Mequity project given by UNED Spanish university group – location at JUST- Jordan- 17th of October 2017.

·         4th National Erasmus+ Day – Amman- Jordan - 9th of October, 2017

·         Smart Control Systems for Energy Management: New Master Degree - SEM SEM project- ERASMUS TEMPUS European Union projects – University of Oviedo - Campus de Gijón – Asturias – Spain (10th – 14th July 2017)

·         Boeing Aircraft structural repair for engineers – Part III ( course No 472) – Royal Jordanian headquarter – Amman- Jordan - (4th – 8th June 2017)

·         CESARE'17 International Conference "Coordination Engineering for Sustainability and Resilience – Dead sea- Jordan – (4th – 6th May 2017)

·         Modern teaching methods – JUST- Jordan- (22nd -23rd February 2017 )

·         Aircraft accident investigation – successfully completed the online course at Emberly Riddle) from 17th of august – 14th of September 2015)

·         How to publish in a high impact factor journal – RSC- JUST library – Jordan - 2015

·         European Horizon 2020-EU Jordan net II – JUST- Jordan 2015

·         Comsol training workshop – JUST-Jordan – 2015

·         Development of curriculum & study plans according to ABET – JUST- Jordan – 2014

·         Modern teaching strategies – JUST- Jordan- 2013

·         Orientation workshop for newly hired faculty members- JUST-Jordan- 2013

·         Satisfactory participated in intensive English course work - TexasA&M University-2009

·         Training course on Matlab- JUST-Jordan- 2003



·         Abdelal, N. Donaldson, S. “The effect of nylon and Kevlar stitching on the mode I fracture of carbon/epoxy composites“.World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (2018), 12(4), 1055. Conference :International Journal of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Vol 5, issue 4, NY, USA, April 18-20,2018

·         Abdelal, N. Aljarrah, M. “The Effect of Silicon Carbide Whiskers on The Mode I Interlaminar Fracture of Carbon Fiber Composites”. Ceramics International, October,2017

·         Abdelal, N. Taamneh,Y. “ Enhancement of pyramid solar still productivity using absorber plates made of carbon fiber/CNT-modified epoxy composites “. Desalination, October,2017

·         Abdelal, N. Donaldson,S. “Comparison of methods for the characterization of voids in glass fiber composites”. Journal of composite materials, June,2017

·         Abdelal, N. Al-Saleh,M. Irshidat,M, “Utilizing vacuum bagging process to prepare carbon fiber/CNT-modified-epoxy composites with improved mechanical properties” Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, April,2017

·         Abdelal, N. Donaldson, S. The effect of voids on delamination behavior under static and cyclic mode I and mode II, 28th American Society for Composites, State College,PA,USA,  September 9-11,2013.

·         Abdelal, N., and Donaldson, S., Effect of voids on delamination behavior under static and fatigue mode I and mode II, Stander Symposium, Dayton, OH, USA, April 2013

·         Abdelal, N., and Kumar, B.,Electrical properties of PEO based mixed conductors , Stander Symposium, Dayton, OH, USA, April 2012

·         Abdelal, N., and Benzerga, A., Micro-mechanical modeling of damage in IF steel strengthened by severe plastic deformation, 6th International symposium: characterization and computational modeling, Washington State Convention Center, USA, February 16, 2010.



Institutional and professional services

·         Conference committee member for 1st International Conference on Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Industrial Engineering Technologies – 2nd to 6th of September/2018- Jordan University of Science and Technology- Irbid- Jordan

·         Initiated the memorandum of understanding between the Aero-GMI company in Paris-France and the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at JUST.

·         Participating in the study "Women's Engineering Participation in the US: What can the US Learn from Women's Decisions to Pursue Engineering in Diverse Predominantly Muslim Settings” – National science foundation funded project (NSF project)

·         Reviewer for the Journal of Composite Materials

·         Reviewer for the The Scientific Journal of Molecular Physics

·         Teaching a group of the Royal Jordanian Airforce mechanical engineers the aircraft maintenance management class (AE 484)

·         Prepared the major part of the qualifying exit exam for the Aeronautical Engineering graduates

Major Achievements

·         The first and only female to hold a PhD degree in Aeronautical Engineering in Jordan

·         Established the first and only composite materials lab at Jordan University of Science and Technology where composite materials can be manufactured, tested and characterized. The lab has the necessary equipment, facilities, tools and machine to manufacture composite materials, test them mechanically using universal testing machines and to be characterized using optical microscopes.

·         Supervised several distinguished graduation projects such as the flying vehicle and the Hex-ambulance

·         Prepared for the ABET accreditation for the Aeronautical Engineering Department at JUST as one of three team members on a duration of two years- accreditation was awarded June 2016

·         Initiated the first and only composite materials course in the undergraduate curriculum of the Aeronautical engineering department. The class covers an introduction about composites, different methods to manufacture the composites, mechanics of composite materials and lamination theory.


Courses taught

·         Aerodynamics

·         Aircraft structural materials

·         Aircraft Design

·         Composite materials (manufacturing and analytical mechanics)

·         Aircraft maintenance management

·         Introduction to aeronautical engineering

·         Strength of materials

·         Special topics in aeronautics (manufacturing and NDT inspection processes)

·         Strength of materials lab

·         Instrumentation lab