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Curriculum Vitae





Educational Background

Ph. D. Thesis:  Theoretical Characterization of Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Lines and Discontinuities.

M. Sc. Thesis:  Spectral Domain Analysis of Finlines with Composite Ferrite and Dielectric Substrate.

  • B. Sc., Electrical Engineering, Kuwait University, Kuwait, June 1985.  (up)


Research Interests

Computational Electromagnetics; Antennas; Analysis and design of passive microwave components; Optimization techniques.    (up)


Teaching Interests

Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses related to electromagnetics, passive microwave circuits, and antennas.   (up)



  • Sep. 2006 -- Now:   Professor, EE Dept., JUST.

  • Sep. 2003 -- Sep. 2006: Associate Professor, EE Dept., Jordan University of Science and Technology.

  • July 2001 -- Feb. 2003: Senior Research Engineer, Ansoft Corporation, New Jersey, USA.

  • Sep. 2000 -- June 2001: Associate Professor, EE Dept., Jordan University of Science and Technology.

  • Sep. 1995 -- Sep. 2000: Assistant Professor, EE Dept., Jordan University of Science and Technology.

  •  Feb. 1993 -- Aug. 1995: Assistant Research Scientist, EECS Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

  • Oct. 1992 -- Feb. 1993: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, EECS Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

  • Dec. 1986 -- Sep. 1988: Laboratory Engineer (Instructor), ECE Department, Kuwait University, Kuwait.   (up)


Courses Taught

Supervised Master Theses


  • Majid Khodier, Analysis and Modeling of Shielded Coplanar Stripline (CPS) Discontinuities, EE Dept., Jordan University of Science and Technology, July 1997.

  • Asem Al-Zoubi, A Study of the Characteristics of the Cylindrical Coplanar Waveguide (CCPW), EE Dept., Jordan University of Science and Technology, Dec. 1998.

  • Hani Al-Barqawi, Full-Wave Analysis of Waveguides and Transmission Lines Using the Two-Dimensional Finite Difference Frequency Domain Method, Jan. 2008.

  • Mohammad Rawashdeh, Full-Wave Analysis of Circular Guiding Structures Using the Two-Dimensional Finite Difference Frequency Domain Method, May 2008.

  • Gobran Mohammad, Central Force Optimization and Its Application to the Design of Antennas, Aug. 2009.

  • Hani Muhsen, Taguchi's Optimization Method and Its Application to the Design of Antennas, Aug. 2009.

  • Ayman Sabbah,  Evaluation of SAR and Temperature Elevation in a Multi-Layered Human head Model Exposed to RF Radiation,  July 2010.

  • Abdullah Qarout, Analysis and Design of Different Topologies of Multi-band N-Way Wilkinson Power Dividers,  August 2010.

  • Melad Olaimat,  Design and Analysis of Triangular Microstrip Patch Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems,  August 2010.

  • Mojahed Assi,  Design of Multilayer Microwave Absorbers Using Evolutionary Optimization Techniques, August 2010.

  • Khair Shamaileh,  Analysis and Design of Compact Planar Passive Microwave Components for Wireless Applications, March 2011.

  • Ashraf Sharaqa, Biogeography-Based Optimization Method and its Application in Electromagnetics, April 2012.

  • Derar Hawatmeh, Design and Analysis of Wilkinson and Gysel Power Dividers for Wireless Communications Applications, May 2012.

  • Omar Abu Al-Nadi, Analysis and Design of Compact Multi-Frequency Bagley Power Dividers, Jan. 2013.

  • Shaimaa Nasser, Design and Analysis of Ultra-Wideband Printed Antennas for Wireless Applications, August 2015. (up)

Supervised Undergraduate Senior Projects

  • G. Shaheen, An interactive demonstration of EM wave propagation using time-domain finite differences, 1st semester, 1996.

  • H. Amer, Distributed low pass filter design implemented using PUFF, 2nd semester, 1996.

  • F. Ameera, The finite difference time domain technique, 1st semester, 1997.

  • T. Ababneh, Finite element analysis of static EM Laplace's Equation, 1st semester, 1997.

  • M. Lamber, Solution of Laplace's equations using finite difference methods, 2nd semester, 1998.

  • Zereeni, Method of Moments, 1st semester, 1998.

  • S. Dodokh, Interfacing the solution of Laplace's equations using the finite difference method, 1st semester, 1998.

  • B. AbdulGhani, Yagi Uda Antenna, June 1999.

  • K. Obeidat, 3D- Finite Difference Solution of Laplace's Equation in Cylindrical Coordinates,  June 1999.

  • H. Barakat, Analysis of Ferrite Loaded Rectangular Waveguides Using the 2D-FDTD Method, Jan. 2000.

  • F. Shahin, A Study of Microstrip Patch Antennas, Jan. 2000.

  • M. Al-Zou'bi, 1D-FDTD Analysis of Propagating Waves, Jan. 2000.

  • A. Zaghmouri, Monte-Carlo Method, June 2000.

  • R. Maaiah, The Monte-Carlo Method, June 2000.

  • R. Abdallah, Tubes and Slices Method, June 2000.

  • R. Jalboush, Simulation of Smith Chart Using C++ Tools, June 2000.

  • S. Makki, Fourier Theory of NonSinusoidal Electromagnetic Signals, Jan. 2001.

  • M. Al-Essa, Conformal Mapping Technique, Jan. 2001.

  • K. Thalji, Antenna Analysis and Design, June 2001.

  • M. Hamlan, ANFIS Computation of Resonant Frequency of Microstrip Antennas, June 2001.

  • F. Elmoftah, Using FDTD to Solve EM Problems (One and Two Dimensional), June 2001.

  • Osama Abel-Halim, Applications of Monte-Carlo Technique in Electromagnetics, June 2004.

  • H. Barakawi, and Y. Yousef, Microwave Filter Design, Jan. 2005.

  • M. Tarifi, Reduced Size Quadrature Couplers, Jan. 2005.

  • A. AbdulRahman, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Jan. 2005.

  • Z. Duraidy, Antenna Array Design Using Java Script, Jan. 2005.  

  •  Hadi Matar, and Mahmoud Al-Zu'bi, Artificial Neural Networks and Their Applications to Microwave Problems, June 2005.  

  • R. Sarraj, and M. Ayyat, Design of Microstrip Patch Antennas Using FR4 Substrate, Jan. 2006.

  • A. Jisrawi, GSM Jammer, Jan. 2006.

  • H. Nassar, and R. Masaad, A study on Microwave Filters and Wilkinson Dividers, June 2006.

  • Y. Najjar and M. Shehab, Design of Horn Antennas, June 2006.

  • Y. Maa'rrawi, M. Zuhair, and M. Simsimiyeh, Design of WLAN Transceiver, June 2006.  

  • A. Gheethan, and Y. Mahameed, Analysis, Design, and Implementation of WCDMA Phase Locked Oscillator, Jan. 2007.

  • M. Abu-Dyouk, and M. Abu-Yousef, Design, Simulation, and Test of a 900 MHz Low Noise Amplifier, Jan. 2007. 

  • H. Jwaied, and F. Muwanes, Multi-Band Multi-Section Transmission Line Transformers and Their Applications in Wilkinson Power Dividers, June 2007.

  • S. Al-Mulazim, and H. Al-Mashaqbah, Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Metamaterial Branch Line Couplers, Jan. 2008.

  • M. Hasan, Analysis of Propagation Characteristics in Waveguides Loaded with Metamaterials, May 2008.

  • A. Sabri, and M. Nassrallah, Design and Implementation of a 915 MHz Doppler Radar, May 2008.

  • A. Abdul-Rahman, and A. Mohammad, Dual Band Mobile Jammer for GSM 900 and GSM 1800, May 2008. Won the first prize in National Technology Parade 2008, Amman

  • M. Asali, and A. Abu-Hussein, Design and Implementation of Land Mine Detector, Jan. 2009.

  • I. Al-Yafawi, Study of Microstrip Interdigital capacitor and Its Application in the Design of Low-pass Filters, Jan. 2009. Won a first prize in National Technology Parade 2009, Amman

  • O. Nadi, and F. Hasweh, Design and Implementation of a Triple-Band Cell Phone Jammer, June 2009.  Won a prize from the Association of Jordanian Engineers.

  • M. Nasser, D. Hawatmeh, and E. Rababaa, Analysis and Design of Multi-Band and UWB Microstrip Antennas, Jan. 2010.

  • A. Abu-Omar, Design and implementation of Robotic Arm Control System, Jan. 2010.

  • M. Fakher, B. AlZoubi, and M. Qatramez, Design of a Low Budget USB Powered Vector Network Analyzer, Jan. 2011.

  • M. Abu-Issa, O. Jibreel and H. Seelawi, Design of Dual Band Cell Phone Jammer Using Microstrip Antenna, May 2011.

  • J. Dughaily and M. Abu-Al-Hiaja, Design and implementation of an RFID based automatic students attendance system, May 2012. (participated in the 5th National Technology Parade)

  • M. Abu-Zainah, M. Absi, and A. Eyad, Design and implementation of a magnetic suspension system, May 2012.

  • S. Naser and A. Zeinat, Design and Impelementation of RF Energy Harvester, Jan. 2013. (participated in the 6th National Technology Parade)

  • H. Bani Yaseen and O. Saadeh, Design and Implementation of Compact and Portable Dual-Band GSM Jammer, Jan. 2013. (participated in the 6th National Technology Parade)

  • A. Nojoom and A. Jibreel, Optimal Power Flow Using BBO, Jan. 2013.

  • Anas Saci, Design of Compact Branch line Couplers and Bagley Power Dividers Using Artificial Transmission Lines, May 2013.  

  • A. Jarwan, Design and Analysis of compact multi-band Rat-Race coupler, Jan. 2014.

  •  A. Khalili, and M. Tarifi, Design and Analysis of compact multi-band Bailey power divider, Jan. 2014.   (up)