INCS 741 Project Requirements

Dr. Monther Aldwairi

The course requires the students to execute a small research or survey project in network security and cryptography.

The main outcome of the project is a conference style paper. After the introductory material is completed,

project topics will be discussed in class. Taking in consideration what can be accomplished in a short semester,

the work should reflect serious effort and strong innovation.

Students are to work alone and complete a full length survey paper.

Requirements for survey paper (due by 25/12/2010)

You can write a paper that surveys a particular field of network security and cryptography. The outcome should

be a comprehensive paper that summarizes the work in the field. Your grade will be judged on the completeness

of the survey, the quality of the trend analysis, and the quality of presentation.

The required number of papers will be 5 per student. The order of presentation will be according

 to random ordering chosen, in advance, by the instructor. 

Selected topics:




DES Educational tool (research)


Develop an animated DES encryption example

Configurable input is a bonus

Encryption using Memristors


Survey advances in encryption since the introduction of Memristors

Zhaohui Lin, Hongxia Wang. Efficient Image Encryption Using a Chaos-based PWL Memristor. IETE Technical Review, Year 2010, Volume 27, Issue 4 [p. 318-325]. [pdf


Recent advances in Quantum Cryptography

Nicolas Gisin, Gre´ goire Ribordy, Wolfgang Tittel, and Hugo Zbinden. Quantum cryptography. REVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS, VOLUME 74, JANUARY 2002 [pdf]

Recent attacks on AES



Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman for black berry



Satellite receivers code breakers

How receivers break ART and AlJazeera cryptographer such as Hitech x-1 pvr, dongles and DreamBox


Survey Paper Outline

1.      Abstract

2.      Introduction (10 points)

·         Discuss the background (required knowledge, math, networking…)

·         Summarize the surveyed research area and explain why the surveyed area has been studied.

·         Summarize the classification scheme you used to do the survey.

·         Summarize the surveyed techniques with the above classification scheme.

3.      Survey details

·         (30 points) Present the surveyed techniques using the classification scheme in details. 

·         (10 points) Identify the trends in the surveyed area. Give evidences for your decision.
(compare results for different techniques)

4.      Conclusions

·         Summarize the conclusions of your survey.

5.      References

·         (15 points) List all the citations referenced in your paper. You will lose 5 points for each
dangling reference (i.e., the reference not cited in the main text).

The final survey paper is due by 25th Dec. A 20 minute presentation worth 35 points will take place on
2/1, and 9/1 2011