Personal: Born on July 14th, 1958

Education: B.Sc., Animal Science, University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan (1981); M.Sc., Agronomy, University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan (1988); Ph.D., Range Management, New Mexico State University, Lascruces-USA (1995).

Professional Experience:

Vice Dean: 01/09/2005-till now.
Professor of Range Ecology: 01/01/2005-till now.
Department Chairman: 01/09/2000-01/09/2004.
Associate Professor of Range Ecology: 1/1/2000- 31/12/2004.
Assistant Professor: 1995-1999.
Legume Crop Researcher, Ministry of Agriculture (Marue Agriculture Station), Marue-Jordan (1988-1991).
Research Assistant, University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan (1985-1988).

Research Interests: Range Plant Autoecology, Range Management, Field crop Management, and Agro-biodiversity.


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Current Research:

• Uses of water harvesting in rangeland improvement
• Biodiversity in the Jordanian rangelands
• Defoliation of grasses under semiarid conditions
• Increasing fodder shrubs through using water harvesting
• Volunteer wheat T. durum L. interference and control in lentil L. culinaris Med
• Evaluation of wild forage species
• Survey and revegetation of range plant in the Northern Badia
• Phenology, And Persistence Of the plants In The Northern Arid Rangelands Of Jordan

Professional Affiliations:

• Agricultural Engineers Association, Jordan, 1981-till now.
• Grassland Society of Southern Africa, South Africa, 1998-2000.
• Society for Range Management, USA, 1991-till now.
• Associat Editors of " World Journal of Agricultural Sciences".