18 Dec 2016
Strategic Planning Committee at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Press release 17 Dec 2016

Professor Omar Al-Jarrah, since he assumed the post of JUST president, took on himself to set a clear vision for JUST's future. Being an advocate and passionate for change and excellence the following is an excerpt from his notes.

These form the basis for the kick off of this transformation enterprise / university wide project.

"Many International universities share the vision of a world-class university; is a combination of highly qualified professors and researchers, talented students, successful graduates, creative and friendly atmosphere and ample resources. The most successful universities are those who tailor their mission and strategy based on the needs of market and industry and the character of their home countries/regions.  Such universities have been seeking excellence and improving their international ranking using clear organizational strategy such as developing centers of excellence and attracting leading professors".

In response to this call for change, a meeting was initiated that represented the kick off for a university wide transformation program.

The program adopts a structured planning approach with clear inputs, process and outputs and relies on PMI methodologies, re-engineering sciences and advanced strategy tools. The program aims to design a four-year strategic plan to transform the university into the "JUST 2020".

The approach dwells on the involvement of a wide spectrum of stakeholders including students, involves weekend workshops, full and proper documentation and continuous performance management tools. The steering committee meets on regular basis and updates the plan.

Below are the links to the related workshops and the minutes of meetings held by the steering committee.​


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