13 Sep 2023
The Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Technology (CSDST) Organized a Training Workshop on Governance and Social Accountability in the Healthcare Sector

The Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Technology (CSDST) at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), has organized an important training workshop aimed at enhancing social accountability within the healthcare sector. This workshop was conducted as part of an ongoing series of training workshops organized by the center and was held at the Al-Hasan Bin Tala Forum/the guest house of All AlFayyad 'Obeidat in the Al-Rafeed region of Bani Kenana.

In collaboration with the Al-Rafeed Agricultural Women's Association, this workshop represents a continuation of the center's efforts to develop sustainable practices in the healthcare sector. It is also a part of the first phase of the Tools Development Project, which aims to strengthen social accountability within healthcare institutions, as part of the "Enhancing Social Accountability and Empowering Civil Society Institutions to Achieve Good Governance" initiative/ NAZAH Project. This initiative is co-funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) and the European Union in Jordan and is monitored through the Life Center-Rased.

The training workshop witnessed active participation, with the principles of governance and social accountability being introduced. The objectives of the project and the available tools for promoting social accountability in the healthcare sector were highlighted through interactive activities during the workshop.

The workshop concluded with an open Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to seek clarification and pose questions related to governance and social accountability. Certificates were distributed to attendees by Mrs. Wedad Al-Obeidat, the President of the Al-Rafeed Agricultural Women's Association.

This workshop represents a crucial step in the ongoing efforts to improve governance and social accountability in the healthcare sector, benefiting both local communities and healthcare institutions alike.