31 Aug 2023
Cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Jordan University of Science and Technology to Operate one of the Largest Veterinary Hospitals in the Region

The Minister of Agriculture, Eng. Khaled Al-Hanifat, stated during his meeting with Professor Khalid El-Salem, President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, that the Ministry, through the National Plan for Sustainable Agriculture, seeks to organize and support the livestock sector through a number of procedures and paths, the most important of which is the establishment of three veterinary hospitals to serve the regions. During the meeting, aspects of cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and the university were discussed. The minister praised the university's role in assisting the ministry during foot-and-mouth disease infections and highlighted the importance of cooperation, especially in the fields of agriculture and veterinary medicine, as the university hosts the only college of veterinary medicine in Jordan. The minister also expressed the ministry's interest in assisting in operating the veterinary hospital at the University, which is considered the largest in the region to serve livestock breeders in the northern region.

For his part, El-Salem expressed the university's interest in cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture and that the university will work to integrate with the sustainable agriculture plan implemented by the ministry. He welcomed the minister's proposal to contribute to the operation of the veterinary hospital and expressed the university's readiness to provide the services that the ministry needs, whether in the field of training veterinarians and veterinary examinations. In university laboratories and operating the veterinary hospital to provide services to livestock breeders in the northern region.

Frameworks for cooperation and understanding mechanisms were developed and memorandums of understanding and agreements were coordinated to ensure the organization of sustainable and future cooperation.

It is worth noting that this hospital was built with a generous grant from the brothers in the United Arab Emirates to the Jordan University of Science and Technology, which in turn is currently equipping the hospital according to the best international standards