05 Nov 2022
Workshop at Jordan University of Science and Technology on "Foundations and Rules of Occupational Health and Safety"


Nov. 1

The Faculty of Engineering at Jordan University of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Vocational Training Corporation, organized a workshop entitled “Foundations and Rules of Occupational Health and Safety”, aimed at educating and guiding students to apply the foundations and rules of occupational health and safety, especially those who deal permanently with hazardous substances such as drugs or food analysis materials and medical supplies, and to provide sufficient experience on means of safety in the environment where they work.

The workshop included a lecture given by Eng. Murad Rawashdeh from the Vocational Training Corporation on the importance of contributing to raising the level of occupational safety and health in Jordan, to ensure a healthy, safe and decent work environment free from injuries and work accidents and with high productivity for workers in all sectors and professions by raising awareness and adhering to standards and best practices Occupational safety and health, according to a participatory approach with relevant official institutions, the private sector and social partners, in order to build a positive occupational safety and health culture at the national level.