29 Mar 2022
A workshop on public accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

A workshop on public accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities                                   

A workshop on public accessibility for people with disabilities has been conducted at Jordan University of Science & Technology campus in part of the “JUST-ABLE” project activities in collaboration with the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and the faculty of Architecture and Design. Students from occupational therapy, physical therapy and architecture attended the workshop which included an introduction on the project, principles of public accessibility and universal design for people with disabilities, and a showcase of the project main outcome; an accessibility website and a mobile application which contains accessibility information about public places such as restaurants, colleges, schools, clinics and so on.

The workshop also included an interactive lecture from Mr. Saeed Qaffaf, a Jordanian influencer and an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, and public accessibility in Jordan. Mr. Qaffaf stressed out the need of raising awareness within the Jordanian society about the rights of people with disability in Jordan.

JUST-ABLE is a project funded by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) an initiative by the Embassy of Canada to Jordan in Amman.  It aims to promote advocacy and awareness on public accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities and their caregivers in Jordan through training and technology solutions. For more details on the project, visit JUST-ABLE website https://justablejo.com/en/