17 Jan 2022
Faculty of Pharmacy Holds a Workshop about Interprofessional Education (IPE)

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Jordan University of Science and Technology held an educational workshop, about interprofessional education (IPE), which the first of its kind.


The Vice President of the University, Prof. Suhad Al-Jundi, highlighted the importance of this workshop, as it comes with the line of the university strategic plan, and matches with the requirements of the international accreditation standards for many health faculties. She also indicated that such workshop helps in refining the students' personality and preparing them to work within a medical team.


The Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Prof. Sayer Al-Azzam, said that the workshop included the participation of nearly fifty students from different health specialties such as pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), medicine, nursing, and nutrition, and a number of faculty members from the participating colleges. He indicated that IPE is one of the most important modern methods of education, in which students from two or more professions learn with, about, and from each other.


The organizer of the workshop, Dr. Osama Alshogran, added that this workshop enhances the communication skills between students and develops a spirit of cooperation between them, to discuss clinical cases from their professional perspectives, in line with improving the quality of care provided by the medical team to patients.