12 Oct 2021
Prof. Al-Salem Checks Procedures for Receiving Students

Prof. Khaled Al-Salem, president of JUST, checked the procedures for the students returning to the university's campus, as well as new students who were accepted for the academic year 2021/2022.

During a tour, Prof. Al-Salem was briefed on the measures taken to ensure a safe return; these measures include arrangements for students' entry to campus through multiple entrances, and a requirement to show "Green Sanad" (a verification of vaccination through the government app Sanad) for the entry of faculty members, administrative and technical staff, and students.


Prof. Al-Salem also visited the Students' (female) Housing Department, where he met with several residing students from different faculties and nationalities. Prof. Al-Salem emphasized the administration's attention to providing the right atmosphere and conditions for female students, while meeting security and public safety requirements.