06 Mar 2021
A Research Team from Jordan University of Science and Technology granted a Patent to Accelerate Seeds Germination using Nanotechnology

A research team at Jordan University of Science and Technology, including Prof. Nezar Samarah (Faculty of Agriculture), Prof. Mohamed Al-Fandi (Institute of Nanotechnology) and Prof. Muhammad Al-Rousan (Faculty of Computer and Information) has been successfully granted a patent by the JO patent office that greatly accelerates the germination of agricultural seeds. The team was able to benefit from the nanotechnology filed and prepared a material consisting of nano-sized particles in an easy, fast and safe way. Because of the small dimension, this nanomaterial has the ability to penetrate the seeds membrane and then stimulate them to germinate in a very short time. The team applied their new method to tomato seeds, as it proved successful in the agricultural field and under natural conditions. The importance of this invention lies in the fact that it enables farmers and agricultural sector in general to produce large quantities of agricultural seedlings in record time. In addition, it will improve seeds germination of many plants with dormant seeds, such as olive seeds and others. It is worth mentioning that developing this invention was carried out in the cleanrooms at the Institute of Nanotechnology, Jordan University of Science and Technology. The research team hopes to develop this invention further and test it on various seeds to serve the field of seed industry and other related agricultural sectors, such as nurseries and agricultural research in general.