01 Mar 2021
Discuss Mutual Collaboration between JUST and the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD))

Sunday 28/2/2021 // the President of Jordan University of Science and Technology Prof. Saeb Khreisat, and the Director of the regional DAAD office in Jordan, Mr. Benjamin Schmaeling have discussed strengthening the mutual collaboration between the two sides in various academic and scientific fields. The meeting was attended by the Dean of Postgraduate studies Prof. Mahmoud AlRefaei and the Director of International Relations Office Dr. Mohammad Al Qudah.
During the meeting, both sides discussed steps to support and encourage students to enrol in graduate studies programs in German universities and benefit from the scholarships launched by the  DAAD Foundation. The meeting also discusses increasing opportunities for developing joint programs with German universities, support a greater number of applied projects by the foundation, and encourage the exchange of scientific expertise.
Professor Saeb Khreisat affirmed the university’s keenness to open communication channels with various scientific and research institutions in the world especially in Germany, which would provide opportunities for students to complete their postgraduate studies, and for faculty members to make scientific visits to these various institutions. He stressed the university’s endeavour for more global networking with Universities and academic and research institutes that serve the goals of Jordanian higher education and enhance the global orientation of the university.
Mr. Benjamin Schmaeling expressed the German Commission for Academic Exchange's (DAAD) keenness to strengthen and close cooperation with Jordan University of Science and Technology, which has a distinguished scientific reputation and includes creative competencies from the faculty members. He goes over the projects that the DAAD presents and encourages those who are interested in scientific research and postgraduate students to benefit from the grant programs that the foundation offers. He stressed on mutual research visits for faculty members and students. Mr. Schmaeling also invited the president of the university and the dean of graduate studies to participate in the official opening of the Foundation's regional office in Amman, which will take place in June.