01 May 2020
JUST Industrial Engineering Team won the first place in the Hult Prize via remote competition

JUST Industrial Engineering Team won the first place in the Hult Prize via remote competition

A team of industrial engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering at Jordan University of Science and Technology won first place in the Hult Prize regional remote (online) competitions. These competitions were scheduled to be held in Toronto - Canada.

The University president, Prof. Dr. Saeb Khrisat said that the JUST represents an incubator to support and care for creators from both the university and the local community, as it includes a set of facilities and integrated services to support and care for creators and entrepreneurs, develop their skills and develop their creativity through the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects.

Prof. Khrisat pointed out that the University is proud of this achievement made by students, pointing to the keenness of the university administration to adopt creative and distinguished ideas among Jordanian youth and support them for the creative and distinguished.​

The Dean of the College of Engineering, Prof. Suhil Kiwan, emphasized that the College of Engineering has set its sights since its foundation to educate the students, provide them with knowledge and sciences, support them with experiences to unleash their capabilities and energies, enhance the spirit of research and inquiry, develop leadership and creativity, and support their innovation capabilities.

Dr. Mohammed Almomani, the Head of the Industrial Engineering Department, pointed out the department's interest in developing study plans based on stimulating creativity and supports the ability to innovate. The department offers courses as product development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and invites lecturers and organizes scientific visits to bodies and institutions that foster creativity and innovation. In addition to participating in the strategic projects offered by the college, which aim to provide students with competencies and skills that help them to start building their projects after graduation.

The idea of the project "Amtea", launched by students of the Industrial Engineering Department, "Hajar Al-Khdour, Omar Nofal, Anas Hayajneh, and Abdul Rahman Sadr". The project aims to prepare new ways to ship goods at a lower cost than traditional freight companies, by creating an electronic platform that links merchandise owners with travelers who have space in their bags, after processing the information available about their destinations, flight times and weights available to allow them to be rented by others. Thus, the traveler benefits from the paid fee along with the reduction of the freight costs for merchandise owners.

The project also aims, when implemented, to reduce cardboard production within nine years by about 12700 tons by dispensing with traditional packaging methods, which will have positive repercussions on the environment and reduce global warming.