11 Feb 2020
Pre-departure Meeting for JUST Exchange Students at the Second Semester 2020

The International Relations Office (IRO) at JUST University held a Pre-departure Orientation Session for JUST outgoing students, which included important information about cultural differences and travel instructions to help them prepare for their new life-changing experience. The Director of the International Relations Office, Dr. Abdallah Alzoubi, welcomed the students and congratulated them for being officially selected, underscoring the competitive and fair selection process, and pointed out the grand responsibility they must shoulder as our ambassadors in representing JUST and Jordan in a bright way.

Ms. Fawzia Amoura, Head of Exchange Programs Section at the IRO, has also provided the students with important information related to the mobility phases and documents required for each phase as she shared tips with students on how to adopt with the new culture, appreciate new culture and values, acquire self-management skills, gain life-long friends, enhance independent thinking and decision making skills, and how to deal with homesickness and cultural shocks.

They had the chance to listen to previous experiences from Shawd O. Nusierwho had been to Greece and Abdullah Elhussinie who had been to Portugal.

It worth to be mentioned that 29 students have been accepted this semester under the Erasmus+ ICM Program in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, Turkey and Poland.