06 Aug 2019
Scholarships for a Master's Degree for Jordanian Students at Jordan University of Science and Technology funded by the European Union

The Jordanian Education Program EDU-JORDAN announced the availability of forty scholarships for the Master's degree, 20 of which are at Jordan University of Science and Technology, one of the main partners in the project. Twenty scholarships are also available at German-Jordanian University, which runs the project.

"This project, funded by the European Union, aims at supporting the quality of education and enhancing the skill-development opportunities for the targeted Jordanian youth in order to address the challenges facing quality education in Jordan at the postgraduate level," said the President of JUST Prof. Saeb Khreisat.

Prof. Khreisat said that the EDU-JORDAN program is part of the Syrian-Jordanian Education Project. The project has recently been extended by 2.6 million euros to a total funding of about 17.6 million Euros to provide about 200 additional scholarships. The total number of scholarships in the project then becomes 1600, including 170 for master students at JUST.

The Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at the University, Dr. Borhan El-Din, explained that the registration is open on the EDU-JORDAN website for these scholarships for the Jordanian youth benefiting from the National Support Funds such as the National Aid Fund, Tkiyet Um Ali, the Jordan Zakat Fund and Al Aman Fund. The applicant must be Jordanian, not more than 32 years old, benefiting from the National Support Funds and have a minimum of a good estimate.