03 Apr 2019
Faculty of dentistry to serve the local community (special needs centers(

The Faculty of Dentistry at the Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a number of scientific and medical visits within the course of community dentistry under the supervision of Dr. Malik Hudieb  and in coordination and follow-up of the head of Preventive Dentistry  department, Dr. Ola Al Batayneh and with the participation of fifth year Dental Students. These activities targeted first a number of special needs centers and autism.

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Firas Al-Qur'an, pointed out that these activities translate the vision of the Faculty of Dentistry in the service of the local community which is also derived from the Jordan University of Science and Technology 's comprehensive mission in the service of the community, especially the special needs group. Prior coordination, and management of the activity with follow-up and documentation of all details of these voluntary campaigns to ensure its continuation later.

These dental visits included first thorough examination, examination of patients, documentation of their health conditions, treatment needs, degree of cooperation and possible treatment in cooperation with international institutions as soon as possible. The visit also included dental examination of supervisors and caregivers. The first group of these visits was in the Irbid governorate of the Community Rehabilitation Center in Irbid Camp on Sunday 3/3/2019, followed by Al Awj Center for Special Education and Autism on 20/3/2019, Wasan Specialized Center for Autism and Special Education on 26/3/2019 and the Jordanian Al Awn  Center For special education on Sunday 24/3/2019 and finally Al Manar Center for Special Education on Thursday, 28/3/2019. Dr. Malik Hudieb praised the efforts of Dental Students who were appreciated by all.