25 Mar 2019
Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) Achieve High Rates of Admission to American Residency Programs



 Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) have achieved high rates of acceptance in the National Residency Matching Program in various medical specialties. The overall percentage of this year (79%), which is the highest percentage of admission rates in the previous years.

 Dr. Sa'eb Kuraisat, the president of JUST, said "we feel more proud and proud of this tangible progress, which is added to the bright record of the university's genius, and this achievement is the result of the concerted efforts of all faculty members to promote the university and maintain its position in the ranks of international universities.

 Dr. Khuraisat added that the university as a national institution is a Jordanian success story in which everyone expects to enhance the reputation of the university in its various specialties, in medicine in particular among different countries of the world. This has an impact on marketing for the university and attracting more Arab and foreign students in order to achieve the high Royal visions of Jordanian higher education.

 In his turn, Professor Na'el Obeidat, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, said that hat this progress is registered to the University and the College of Medicine as a certificate cherished by a long-standing international side. This achievement is also a clear evidence of the advanced level of students of the Faculty of Medicine at JUST in particular, and in our beloved country, Jordan, in general.


 Professor. Obaidat added that this achievement is the result of the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine themselves and the continuation of the efforts of members of the faculty and under the continuous supervision of the University administration, which always contributes to the improvement and development of the outputs of the colleges in our beloved university (JUST).


It is mentioned that the university's medical faculty  has been at the forefront of the domestic arena and also among the most prominent in the Arab world. The faculty also Ranked fourth in the Middle East and North Africa region and ranked 257 at the level of the world's medical schools. These rankings have appeared in the announcement of the results of the classification of "US News" (US News) to specialize in clinical medicine for the year 2019.