18 Mar 2019
The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology Sponsors the Fifth Annual Ceremony for (JUST for JUST)

The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Saeb Khreisat, in the presence of Prof.  Mohammed Al-Abini, Vice President, Dr. Anas Al Nabulsi, the Dean of Student Affairs,  and members of the teaching and administrative staff, sponsored the fifth annual JUST for JUST. This ceremony was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University in cooperation with the University's newspaper. ‚Äč

Prof. Khreisat said that Jordan University of Science and Technology sponsors and supports the excellence and creativity of students, whether academic or literary, indicating that the capabilities enjoyed by university students from different disciplines qualify them to promote the media aspect within the campus through this free platform for all votes

that are guaranteed to respect the opinion and the other opinion.

Khreisat pointed out that the university pays all attention to outstanding students and encourages them and motivates them to progress during their scientific career to engage in extracurricular scientific activities that will help them in the future to engage in the labor market and development in various fields. He also stressed that the university encourages and supports creative initiatives through the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects at the University.

"Just for Just is the first electronic newspaper in the Middle East to be managed by students," said Dr. Mohammed Sultan Amayreh, editor of the newspaper. "It was an idea and turned into an achievement. It covers all the activities and events held by the university.''

During the ceremony, a number of poems were presented as well as a video presentation of the achievements of the newspaper team.