10 Mar 2019
A Delegation from ASTRIA LEARNING Visits Jordan University of Science and Technology

Prof. Mohammed Al-Ibini, Vice President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, met in his office with a delegation representing ASTRIA LEARNING which is an American e-learning company. The meeting included the CEO Dr. Boards and the Director of the E-Learning Department Dr. Leheik. Ways of cooperation between the two sides and experiences exchange in the field of e-learning were discussed.


During the meeting, Al-Ibini outlined the academic disciplines that are taught at the university. He pointed out that this meeting is a continuation of the university's path of openness to the academic and research institutions. Moreover, it enhances scientific cooperation between the university and the different environments and it is also a reflection of the university's vision and mission in addition to its philosophy of adopting programs that develop students' skills and teaching methods.


Dr. Boards expressed his happiness with this meeting and expressed his admiration for the advanced positions achieved by Jordan University of Science and Technology in international classifications. 

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Mohammed Al-Smadi, the Director of the e-Learning Center, and Dr. Abu Bakir Qutaishat. The visiting delegation toured the campus where they learned about the University's various facilities.