03 Mar 2019
A lecture on Integrity principles and Anti-Corruption at JUST

Under the patronage of JUST President, Prof. Saeb Khresat, a lecture on Integrity principles and Anti-Corruption was held at Jordan University of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission. The lecture, that was highly commended for its content and transparency, was attended by a number of faculty deans and head of centers, administrative units and departments, and student union representatives.


In his remarks, Prof. Khresat, stressed out the importance of abiding with the highest standards of integrity principles and applying them to all aspects of the university work domains including both academic and administrative. He also urged all university teaching staff to act as role models to their students in terms of promoting fairness, transparency and equal opportunities.  


During the lecture that was mediated by Prof. Mohamad Al-Widyan; Director of the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center, the team experts from the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission provided an overview of the Jordanian Integrity principles and anti-corruption laws and regulations, and stressed out the role of academic institutions in addressing and enhancing integrity and preventing corruption through active awareness lectures and campaigns.  The team experts; Dr. Abdul Rahman Muhaidat, Mrs. Ruba Sadr and Mr. Ahmad Taani, highlighted the fact that abiding with the national integrity standards, including justice, equality, equality of opportunity, rule of law, accountability, and transparency, can prevent any violations to the law and can be applied to all sectors as a good model.  With the active presence of Prof. Khresat, the event was concluded with an interactive Q&A session in which the expert team answered a number of queries from the attending faculty and students.