19 Feb 2019
Director of the German Agency for Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) Visits Jordan University of Science and Technology

Prof. Mohammed Al-Abini, Vice-President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, welcomed Dr. Gabriel von Verkess, Director of the Office of the German Agency for Academic Exchange Services in Amman.

During the meeting, they discussed ways of cooperation in various academic and scientific fields, especially the university projects aimed at bridging the gap between the outputs of education and labor market requirements, and means of supporting the University's modernization of its programs aimed at providing graduates with the skills and skills needed for the global labor market through focusing on the German Applied Universities experience in  Supporting innovation and incubators and engaging industrialists in practical teaching and encouraging scientific workshops to train trainers in different disciplines.

The two parties also discussed the steps to support and encourage students to enroll in higher studies, especially those applied ones at German universities, at DAAD's expense. They also discussed increasing the opportunities for joint programs with German universities, supporting more DAAD projects and encouraging scientific experiences exchange through scientific and research visits.

And at a separate meeting attended by Prof. Abini, Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Burhanuddin Al Bass and Director of the Office of International Relations Dr. Abdullah Al-Zoubi, the two parties reviewed ways of enhancing academic and scientific cooperation between the University and various German universities. The first party demonstrated a detailed presentation about studying at JUST, the projects supported by (DAAD) and the European Organization, the exchange of students and faculty members and the activation of certain Memorandums of Understanding specifically the one about University of Kemptz and Hamburg. Both sides agreed that Dr. Verkess will present a lecture to encourage students and faculty members to provide practical research projects and it was agreed that the lecture will be held at the next month.

Dr. Al-Abini praised the level of study in Germany, especially the applied one and its interaction with industry, and he considered German universities of applied science as a realistic model to be followed, thus increasing the University's ability to provide the labor market with the requirements and capabilities it needs in a rapidly changing technological world, Through targeted programs focusing on acquired capacities which both the university education sector and the labor market need.

The Director of the (DAAD) Office expressed her admiration of the level of the University of Science and Technology, its qualitative achievements and the advanced positions of the University in international classifications and the level of its graduates.