18 Dec 2018
Lecture on Academic Accreditation "NAAB" At Jordan University of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Science and Technology held a lecture on the American Accreditation Program, which is presented by the expert in academic accreditation, Dr. Sayed Amer.

During the lecture, Dr. Syed Amer presented the main axes that are adopted in ANNB (quality of architectural education). He defined the basic elements of the quality system from the perspective of these institutions, and mentioned the most important procedures to be followed for the purpose of direct access to the global reliability of the Department of Architecture.

The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design Dr. Hikmat Hammad said that the purpose of this lecture is to introduce the importance of reliability and the types of institutions and programs that manage such dependencies such as NAAB. And he refers that the College of Architecture and Design will progress to the American academic accreditation during the current semester.

The course also discussed the general guidelines for curriculum development and presented some practical models.