11 Dec 2018
The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology Reassures the Conduct of University Students' Examinations

The president of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Saeb Khreisat, assured the progress of university students' exams accompanied by vice presidents and deans on Saturday, the 8th of December, 2018.

Prof. Khreisat said that Jordan University of Science and Technology pays great attention to the procedures of conducting university students' exams. That's why the university administration has been in contact with all concerned parties for the purpose of completing the procedures for holding exams safely last Saturday.


Prof. Khreisat stressed that the university has opened its doors on Saturday, the 8th of December normally with the presence of a large number of university cadres to provide a suitable atmosphere for the purpose of holding exams on time, indicating that the attendance rate exceeded 98.5%. During the tour, Prof. Khreisat made sure that the halls were ready for holding the exams to allow students to finish their exams easily and without any obstacles.

Prof. Khreisat urged the students to exert more diligence to ensure success and stressed the importance of applying what they learn theoretically to practical life to serve their community.