06 Dec 2018
​Challenges and Opportunities in Diagnosing, Monitoring and Treating Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetic Foot Syndrome

In conjunction between Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and Columbia University in New York, the Columbia Global Center in Amman held a regional symposium titled: Challenges and Opportunities in Diagnosing, Monitoring and Treating Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetic Foot Syndrome.

The symposium was organized by Dr. Andreas H. Hielscher, Professor of Biomedical & Electrical Engineering and Radiology at Columbia University, Dr. Rabah Al Abdi from the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Heba Hijazi and Dr. Nesreen Saadeh from the Faculty of Medicine at JUST, in collaboration with the King Abdullah University Hospital and the Columbia Global Center in Amman.

The vice president of JUST, Prof. Khalid Al Salem opened the symposium. The symposium was attended by his excellency, Prof. Kamel Alajlouni, the President of the National Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Genetics, Prof. Suhil Kiwan, the Dean of Engineering, Prof. Nail Obeidat the Dean of Medicine at JUST, numerous faculty members and students from the Jordan University, German Jordanian University, the Hashimate University, and Yarmouk University. In addition, physicians from the Royal Medical Services and the private sectors attended the symposium.

Several speakers from the region talked about the unmet clinical needs of diabetic patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) in the Middle East and North Africa, and that include United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan and the United States of America. Questions such as, what are the most prevalent medical conditions of these patients, what considerations apply specifically to refugee populations, and what affects the viability of new technologies and methods to address these specific needs were discussed. Answers to these and related questions served as a foundation for potential collaborations between engineers, scientists and physicians at universities and hospitals in the region and at Columbia University.​
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