05 Dec 2018
Jordan University of Science and Technology held a Seminar on Crisis Management

The Faculty of Science and Arts at the University organized a seminar entitled "Crisis Management" within the strategic plan of the social responsibility course, presented by the advisor at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, Mr. Jamal Madaeen, during which he reviewed the establishment of the National Center for Security and Crisis Management and the tasks carried out by the Center. He also cited concrete examples of some of the crises experienced by the Kingdom.

Mr. Madaeen also pointed out that the goal of establishing the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, which was established under the royal guidance, is to confront any natural or security crises or risks that the Kingdom may face. Its mission is to unify and coordinate all national institutions to enable them to deal with crises in their various forms in order to achieve strategic adjustment and a secure national environment.

From his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts Prof. Qutaiba Al- Khatatbeh indicated  that the University implement the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II, which calls for a state of interaction to the strategic environment, according to a participatory perspective and based on the principles of coordination. In addition to the unity of the national efforts in dealing with the events that threaten the national security, such as the internal disturbances and strife, that cause loss of life and properties, and having negative effects on the national economy and the social welfare.

The seminar was attended by the Dean of the Student Affairs, Prof. Anas Nabulsi, the Head of the Department of Human Sciences, Prof. Adnan Obeidat, a number of the faculty members, and the university students. At the end of the seminar, Mr. Madaeen thanked the University for hosting such seminars for its importance in achieving a comprehensive national security.