25 Nov 2018
A Day of Excellence at JUST

In his opening speech in the "Day of Excellence" event that was held at JUST on Nov. 11, 2018 and attended by JUST President, Prof. Saeb Khresat, the CEO of King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, Dr Ibrahim al-Rawabdeh, said that JUST has apparent prints in development and achievement thanks to a distinguished teaching and admin staff that supported quality teaching, research, and community engagement based on sound plans and programs that made JUST a unique organization and further reflected positively on its reputation, status, performance and graduates. Dr al-Rawabdeh described JUST as leading the way to world-class and internationalization and the major contributor to promoting the Jordanian higher education regionally and globally. Dr al-Rawabdeh stressed the importance of protecting JUST's accomplishments to sustain its distinction based on implementing international standards. 

The USAID-funded event was attended by JUST president, Prof. Saeb Khresat, and JUST vice presidents, as well as representatives from all colleges and admin units across the campus besides experts from the Jordan Society for Quality. On his turn, Prof. Khresat said that JUST relentlessly seeks distinction indicating the impressive record of JUST in the global rankings that he attributed to a cumulative effort over the years by all JUST affiliates. Prof. Khresat stressed that JUST will go on and continue its hard work to pursue its aspirations and accomplish them despite all challenges.

The opening ceremony was followed by a comprehensive workshop delivered by Dr al-Rawabdeh and the accompanying experts form the Jordan Society for Quality on excellence concepts, its principles, requirements, and evaluation with emphasis university excellence and their potential participation in the Excellence Award supervised by the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence.