17 Oct 2018
​ Based on the THE Global Ranking, JUST Ranks 26th Worldwide in Citations for 2019

Based on the THE Global Ranking, JUST Ranks 26th Worldwide in Citations for 2019

In addition to the golden accomplishment of being among the top 351-400 universities globally, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) according to the 2019 ranking results released recently by the TIMES Higher Ed. (THE), JUST has also landed the 26th place globally in the Citations criterion that carries 30% of the total THE ranking weight with an impressive score of 98.3%. Citations is a measure and credible indicator of the impact and influence of an institution’s research output the ranking data of which is gathered strictly the ranking organization itself based on international databases, SCOPUS in the THE case. With this score, JUST comes pretty close to some of the most prestigious institutions on earth such as MIT (99.9), Stanford (99.9), Berkeley (99.7%), Harvard (99.6%), and Oxford (99.1%). A close look into the Citations results, it turns out that in fact JUST occupies the 16th spot worldwide when taking into account repeated scores. In addition, JUST is one of only three institutions in the top 26 that come from outside the US and UK. In the details, the results indicate that the top 26 institutions include 18 from the US, 4 from the UK, one from Iceland and two from the developing countries bedsides JUST. The next 10 institutions that follow JUST in this rank are exclusively from the US and UK that include 7 from the US such as RICE, DUKE, UCLA and YALE, as well as two universities from the UK. At the level of developing countries, JUST comes third while it occupies the second place in the Arab and Islamic spheres.

JUST president, Prof. Saeb Khresat, commented on this distinguished very advanced world-class achievement saying that this is the result of JUST’s continued investment over the years in well thought out policies to encourage and motivate research output in both quantity and quality. Porf. Khresta added that we are working to improve and advance even more in our steady march to achieve the true sense of a world-class university next to the most prestigious universities in the world in the most advanced nations worldwide.