04 Oct 2018
Ceremony Honoring the "Late Teachers" in Ramtha City

Ramtha Emaar Foundation held a ceremony honoring the late teachers under the patronage of Prof. Saeb Khreisat, the President of the University of Science and Technology, which was attended by dignitaries and residents of Ramtha city.

Prof. Khreisat thanked the Foundation of Emaar Ramtha for honoring the old teachers who have made great efforts to ensure the success of the educational process. He also added that the teachers will continue to build a good science for building the country and building future generations to play an active role in the society.

In addition, Prof. Khreisat added that to achieve the university vision, we should focus on the development of the community by linking the students, the professors, and the employees in the community.

From his side, the head of Ramtha Emaar Foundation Dr. Akef Al Zu'bi praised the teacher and the role they have played in the city of Ramtha from the past until now. Mr. Khalid Al-Shara also delivered a speech in the name of the old teachers, during which he praised Ramtha Emaar Foundation and thanked the administrative staff for this activity.

Professor Ibrahim Al-Daoud, from the Teachers Syndicate talked the union works within a reform plan based on principles and foundations based on a new approach that ensures its role as a national institution in the pursuit of the supreme national interest.

The ceremony concluded by honoring a number of the families of the "late" teachers who were credited with enriching the education process in the city.