20 Sep 2018
A Delegation from DAAD Visits JUST

A delegation from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), represented by Dr. Katharina Fleckenstein; Head of the Scholarship Program in the Middle East and North Africa, and Ms. Gabriele von Fircks, Director of the DAAD Information Center Amman have visited the University on Wednesday 18/9/2018.  During the visit, they met with Prof. Saeb Khreisat, the president of JUST, in the presence of Prof. Khaled Al-Salem, Vice-President and Prof. Borhan Aldeen Albiss, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In this meeting, they have discussed students' affairs who have scholarships from DAAD. They also discussed the prospects for cooperation between the university and DAAD. The president praised the DAAD for granting several scholarships for students from the state of Palestine and Yemen to JUST, in addition to research grants that have been granted to faculty members from JUST to do research collaboration with scholars from the German educational and research institutions, noting that a large number of faculty members have benefited from these grants. He also stressed the depth of the relationship between the university and DAAD authority.

The delegation then visited the College of Graduate Studies and met with Prof. Borhan Aldeen Albiss, Dean of the College and the Vice-Deans, Prof. Mahmoud Alrefaei and Dr. Fadia Mayyas. The meeting has focused on follow-up matters of scholarship from the two countries, Palestine and Yemen to the university. Currently more than 50 students have scholarships from DAAD to complete their Master studies in various disciplines at JUST. Also in the meeting, an agreement was prepared to regulate and organize the scholarships granted by DAAD. The delegation were also briefed on the performance of the scholarship students and expressed their admiration for the outstanding performance of the students through their distinguished results.

The delegation then visited the Nanotechnology Institute and meth with Dr. Mohamed Al-Fandi, Dean of the Institute and the assistant dean Dr. Yahia  Makableh, during which they have been briefed on the equipment used in the laboratories of the Institute for nanoscale research purposes.