28 May 2018
Launching the Project "Towards a Smoking-Free Society" at Jordan University of Science and Technology

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) is launching a" Towards a Smoking-Free Society "project, during a big ceremony with a huge participation of students and members of community on Sunday, 3/6/2018

The Chairman of the Anti-Smoking Committee at the University, Vice President Dr. Mohammed Al-Abini said that this campaign comes in line with the University's keenness to maintain the health of its students and the cleanliness of its environment.  Also, he said  that this campaign is within the University's objectives of serving the Jordanian society and development, and improving the health level of the citizen at the head of this service,. The best way to preserve human health is by relying on the precautionary approach. Quitting smoking is a preventive goal that avoids social, financial and psychological diseases and losses. Man is relying on preventive method, and smoking cessation prevention goal avoids community diseases and financial and psychological losses


Dr. Al-Abini showed that the university will cooperate with health and social organizations to conduct a comprehensive awareness campaign for students and employees and provide special places for smokers as a first stage. Smoking in buildings, corridors and public areas within the university will be banned and the biggest campaign will be carried out to combat the scourge of smoking and excess fines will be imposed on violators